Kayaking on the Hudson

If you want an incredible view of Manhattan, and a bit of a thrill stepping off a dock with nothing between you and the murky waters of the Hudson River but a neon yellow kayak, then this is the adventure for you!

The Manhattan Kayak Company offers a variety of terrific tours for kayakers and standup-paddleboarders of all skill levels.  Whether you want to take a short trip out into the river to catch a unique view of midtown, paddle down to the Statue of Liberty, or navigate around the entirety of Manhattan island, there is a tour to take you there.

Wes and I did the Skyline Kayak Tour with friends.  I can’t wait to go back for New York After Dark!  Prices start at $60 per person but we found a great deal at GroupOn for $29.

For an incredible meal in a unique setting after your excursion, stop by nearby Frying Pan at Pier 66, a restored lightship that once guarded the shores off of Cape Fear, NC near Wilmington.  It operates seasonally and will be crowded on a sunny day, but the view is breathtaking.

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