18 Habits for 2018

The new year is just around the corner!

I love new year’s resolutions!  They have a bad rap, I know.  But, honestly, if we are not intentional about life and how we live it, it tends to just flitter by… and we find ourselves with the same goals year after year, without making very much progress.

The key is to choose goals that matter – resolutions with a purpose beyond fitting in to a size 6 or 10 or 12 – and to make sure they are meaningful, measurable and sustainable.

In January we are going to focus on Habits – habits that deepen faith and help us to grow as healthy people and as followers of Jesus.  We’ll look at making resolutions that help us to love God more with our heart, mind, soul and strength.  Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list so you don’t miss a post in 2018!

For now, I’ve found two great posts from other bloggers to help get your thoughts turning.  Between them, you will find 18 great habits to consider making a part of your life in 2018.

In 11 Resolutions Everyone Should Consider Making Next Year, Jesse Carey shares 11 small habits that can make a big difference:

  1. Spend more time in conversations that matter.
  2. Complain less and do more.
  3. Spend less time worrying.
  4. Pray more.
  5. Listen to more new music every week.
  6. Cut others some slack.
  7. Cut yourself some slack.
  8. Read more good books.
  9. Challenge our own suppositions more often.
  10. Spend less time on your phone.
  11. Share more meals with people you care about.

Carl McColman offers other thoughtful ideas for meaningful resolutions in Seven Ideas for a Contemplative New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Invite silence into your life every day.
  2. Speak less, listen more.
  3. Spend more time wondering.
  4. Befriend unknowing.
  5. Make a monastery a regular part of your life.
  6. Discover a new way to pray.
  7. Read the mystical classics.

How do you want to live in 2018?  Be in prayer about that over the next few days.

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