Fasting from Words with Friends

This post originally appeared on on November 23, 2012.  Photo credit: Gabi Porter.

I could feel it.  It had to be the fasting.

Okay, it was only fasting from Words With Friends… for a week.  But it’s harder than it sounds.   For a Sunday School lesson on the fruit of self-control and a week focused on the spiritual discipline of fasting, it seemed like a good choice.  Trust me, a meal would not be missed near as much as the soft guttural “Droid” sounding from my phone, inviting me to play.

Nothing sedates my mind and my spirit quite like the games on my phone.  Or is a better tool for procrastination.  It’s like a fifteen minute vacation from reality that my husband insists is closer to forty-five.  And I had to choose something to fast from because, well, I’m the leader and I can only keep referring back to the time I fasted with a group in college the night before the evangelist came on campus but so many times.  Twenty hungry sophomores desperate for a soul to be saved so they could run to Tom’s and devour a burger is not a particularly inspiring tale.  Continue reading…

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