Ready, Set, …Stop! Preparing for Sabbath

Today’s Word:  PREPARE

Today’s Sabbath Practice:  Commit to 3 Tasks to Prepare for Sabbath

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” – Henry Ford

One of my favorite memories as a child is the anticipation of Christmas Eve, those days and hours leading up to 6:00, because at 6:00, everything changed.  Suddenly life went from shopping and wrapping, cleaning and cooking to… Christmas!  Preparation was over, and the hour was here.

Sometimes we speed so fast through life that we miss the anticipation of what is coming, the delight of getting ready for what is next.

Sabbath requires preparation, not unlike a holiday or a vacation.  If we are going to really give ourselves to sabbath rest, there are things that need to be done ahead of time to make that happen. And, like a well deserved and much anticipated vacation, we will experience the delight of sabbath so much more fully if we enter into it intentionally, with joyful expectancy, rather than simply stopping because it’s the next thing on our to-do list.

Hopefully you have Planned for Sabbath and have that time carved out in your schedule.  With sabbath on the calendar, it’s time to decide how you will get ready.

Today’s Practice:  Preparing for sabbath

Identify three ways that you will prepare so that you can STOP and rest during your time of sabbath.  Consider these ideas:

  • Get your environment ready.  Pick up your house, put away clutter, get dirty dishes out of the sink.  Clutter distracts our focus and chores left undone can disrupt our rest.
  • Get your food ready.  Sabbath is a celebration, it is a gift.  Spending time around the table is a wonderful part of sabbath time.  Prepare as much of your food ahead of time as you can, those meals that require minimal effort to get to table – soups, casseroles, roasted chicken, deli meat, etc.
  • Tie up loose ends for work or home. Answer emails, run errands, pay bills.
  • Think about what you will do during the sabbath – not an onerous minute by minute schedule, but a rough idea of how you would like to savor this time; a book to read, a walk to take, a friend to spend time with.

Be intentional as you approach sabbath.  Let the sweet anticipation of sabbath rest be part of the experience.

Time to get ready!

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