Take the 14 Day Love Challenge

We love to read the description of Love in 1 Corinthians 13.  It’s a beautiful description of God’s love and the love that Paul expects to see reflected in Christian community.

But it’s a challenging love to live out.  It requires that we give the best of ourselves and believe the best in others.  It demands that we allow God’s love to flow through us because we are incapable of sustaining such unconditional love by our own strength.

The theme of Love abounds this time of year.  Beyond the hearts and the candy and the flowers and the long waits for the best tables in the best restaurants, let’s make this year the most meaningful yet.

Take the 14 Day Love Challenge

  • Each day, make the description of love taken from 1 Corinthians 13 your prayer and your mandate.
  • Keep it in front of you and ask God to make you aware of the opportunities the day presents to put that characteristic of love into practice.
  • Jot a few notes in a journal at the end of the day so that, when the 14 day challenge is done, you can see the journey of love that God has been leading you through.


The 14 Day Love Challenge

Day 1    –            Love is PATIENT

Day 2    –            Love is KIND

Day 3    –            Love is NOT ENVIOUS

Day 4    –            Love is NOT BOASTFUL

Day 5    –            Love is NOT ARROGANT

Day 6    –            Love is NOT RUDE

Day 7    –            Love does NOT INSIST ON


Day 8    –            Love is NOT IRRITABLE

Day 9    –            Love is NOT RESENTFUL

Day 10 –            Love does NOT REJOICE IN



Day 11  –            Love BEARS ALL THINGS

Day 12 –              Love BELIEVES ALL THINGS

Day 13 –              Love HOPES ALL THINGS

Day 14  –            Love ENDURES ALL THINGS

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