Growing Still This Advent

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

I love the images of Christmas and winter.  Long drifts of snow.  Stars in the sky.  A hush and a peace that draws me in and warms my soul like a fire on a cold evening.

It’s a bit at odds with the reality of the weeks leading up to Christmas.  A frenetic time of cookie making and gift buying, holiday parties and caroling.  It’s all good; it’s festive and fun.  And it cheers my heart in so many ways.

But I want more from Advent, this season of preparation.  I want the stillness of waiting, of expectation.  I want the peace of resting, of trusting.  I want the wonder of hopeful imagination.  The true gifts that Christmas offers.

Not instead of the celebrations, but in the midst of them.  Because that’s where faith is found… along the way.

Growing Still

Two years ago I began a new practice – being still for an increasing amount of time each day in the Advent season.  As the busyness of December intensifies the closer we get to Christmas Day, this growing time of stillness is a meaningful counter-balance, helping me to keep my focus and my priorities where they need to be.

They say if you doing something twice in a row it becomes a tradition!  So, for Advent 2019, I will be “Growing Still” once again, and I invite you to join me.

Find your bench and sit with me this Advent, beginning December 1st.

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