No Ashes for Wednesday

This column originally appeared on on February 5, 2016. What can you offer on Ash Wednesday if your jar of ashes is empty? What do you give when you’re feeling empty? When the thought well is dry, when compassion is spent? I opened the box that had been sitting on the pastor’s desk for weeks. “Ashes for 500” was scrawled on the top in … Continue reading No Ashes for Wednesday

Is God Worth the Wait?

The line is often long at Beau’s. Today it was spilling out the door onto the sidewalk. But I was happy to wait in it, blessed even. You see, while the coffee and pastries at Beau’s are terrific, that is not the draw for me. I dare say it’s not the draw for most of the folks in line with me. We’re all patiently and expectantly waiting to be received by the person behind the counter. Continue reading Is God Worth the Wait?