Curriculum Options for FBC Classes & Small Groups

Note to Teachers & Leaders:

As you go about the process of selecting materials for your SS class or small group, consider options that, over time, balance Bible study and Christian living.

To order materials for your group, email me with the title and quantity that you need.

Bible Studies

BaptistWayPressBaptist Way Press –  Baptist Way Press offers 13 week studies.  Many are Bible studies, covering individual books of the Bible.  Others are thematic studies.  Materials include Teacher Guides, Student Books and Commentaries.  Some materials are available in hard copy.  Others are digital downloads.


Smyth & Helwys – The Smyth & Helwys Formations curriculum is produced every four months.  Each month has a different theme with Bible studies corresponding to that theme.  Materials include Teacher Guides, Learner Guides and Commentaries.

Smyth & Helwys also produces NextSunday Studies, 4-5 week Bible based thematic studies.  For a list of titles, click here.

GentoRevGenesis to RevelationGenesis to Revelation is a curriculum series that Works through the books of the Bible over several years.  If your class is looking to deepen their understanding of Scripture, one book of the Bible at a time, this is a terrific series to consider.

nurturing faith

Nurturing FaithNurturing Faith is the curriculum that is included in the Nurturing Faith magazines that you may see around at the church.  Tony Cartledge is the Old Testament professor at Campbell Divinity School.  He writes the lessons and those are in the magazine.  Rick Jordan, who is on staff at CBFNC, writes a teacher’s guide.  Those are online.

FaithElement_horz-color-copy – Faith Element is an online Bible study material that follows the lectionary.  Weekly lessons are offered in a variety of approaches – some focusing on deeper study, some using spiritual practices, others utilizing creative media.  If you like the sample study, email me for the login and password to gain access to lesson plans.

Right Now Media – FBC has a subscription to Right Now Media.  In a nutshell, it is a crazy loveNetflix for Christian video curriculum.  There are three Francis Chan series that would be great for a SS class:  Crazy Love, The Forgotten God and The Book of James.  There is also a great study on The Book of Ruth.  Class members are given access to the online video for each week and can view it in advance of Sunday morning.  Class time can be spent responding the video.  There is also a leader’s guide and participant handouts for most studies.

Want tools to work through a book of the Bible on your ownLet me know what book you would like to study and I will help you get started.

Book Studies

What did Jesus ask
What Did Jesus Ask?
Jesus Priorities
The Jesus Priorities
holy conversations
Holy Conversations
Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus

DVDs available for:

Prodigal God
The Prodigal God
When Christians Get it Wrong
When Christians Get It Wrong
Hearing God
Hearing God
Making Sense Bible
Making Sense of the Bible
Celebration of Discipline
Celebration of Discipline

Other Studies

The Wired Word – Reading the news with the Bible in hand.  The Wired Word offers two story options each week.  For login information, email me.

Animate – The Animate series offers video lessons by contemporary writers and pastors like Brian McLaren, Nadia Weber-Boltz and many others. Designed to spark lively and fruitful discussions on faith and life, there are three series titles to choose from – Faith, Bible and Practices.