RE:Lent in a Relentless World

“Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it.  Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good.” – Romans 12:9-21 (MSG) I love that Lent begins on Valentine’s Day this year.  It makes it a bit challenging for those giving up chocolate for Lent, I suppose, but it’s appropriate, nonetheless. At the heart of it, the reflection and … Continue reading RE:Lent in a Relentless World

More Like Mary… and Joseph

The ‘Mary’ in me decided that Jesus cares a whole lot more about my mental stability than whether the little deer on the mantle are grouped in the aesthetically correct numbers. Or if I ever do actually finish those thank you notes. 

Nope. He cares more about your spirit and heart and how you use them to grow and to love on others — his people — maybe even people we don’t understand or agree with, or even like.  Continue reading More Like Mary… and Joseph